Client Services


Our Client Benefit Solution provides clients with an easy access to a number of unique management and administrative tools offering multiple efficiencies that include:

  • The ability to select products underwritten through a host of preferred insurance companies using our online electronic application and enrollment system.
  • Product information detailing important provisions benefit definitions, limits and limitations.
  • Our online enrollment system that provides employees’ immediate access to view product benefit highlights, premium contributions, benefit bulletins, and FAQ’s, when selecting their benefits.
  • Streamlines the enrollment process while enhancing benefits management, communication, exchange and transfer of necessary information with the employees, employers, and insurance companies.
  • Census Management System that integrates all benefit election data into a single report tracking system that may be used to reconcile other internal systems, such as payroll, HRIS, and other corporate accounting and management systems.
  • Document and Communication Register provides a chronological transaction log to maintain a history and accountability for selected benefits that are enrolled online.