NY Paid Family Leave (PFL)

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Agents / Brokers value proposition will be expanded to include their involvement in the process of the introduction, implementation and education of Paid Family Leave benefits on behalf of their group employer clients.

  • Agents / Brokers may have the opportunity to provide their clients a comprehensive introduction, review and understanding of the new Paid Family Leave Benefits.
  • Agents / Brokers may provide assistance in the selection of insurance providers and implementation of the PFL program on behalf of their clients. 


  • Agent / Broker Services will include detailed information related to the specific considerations involved in the eligibility, benefits, heath conditions, contributions, premium payments and selection of the insurance carrier best suited to underwrite, administer and service their NY State Paid Family Leave (PFL) and Disability Benefits (DBL).

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  • Agents / Brokers may offer alternative funding arrangements to underwrite and manage the PFL program based on the demographics and number of employees included in their clients group.
  • Agents / Brokers may assist their clients in maintaining compliance with the New York State (DBL) and Paid Family Leave (PFL) law.
    • This will include but is not limited to ensuring the timely and accurate payment of insurance premiums, submission of state disability and PFL claims and coordination of any and all communication as may be required by and between the client and their insurance provider.
  • Agents / Broker may be involved in the prospective underwriting review, evaluation and decisions as to the continued selection and administration of the insurance provider.

  • Agents / Broker may assist their client in communication of any updates and or changes as may be passed by the State of New York governing the PFL eligibility, benefits, durations, rates and contributions. 

The Paid Family Leave (PFL) details and regulations may continue to be updated.

LiDAC remains committed to providing timely and comprehensive information as made available by the State of New York and our industry insurance providers. 

The above information provides a brief summary of guidelines related to recent updates as may be available from the State of New York under the Paid Family Leave Act. This is not intended to offer specific details, terms and / or conditions as it relates to the final passage of the law and or proposed changes as may be pending. You may request a copy of the NYS PFL law for additional information as may be required.  

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