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Standard Security - LiDAC Insurance Carriers
The Standard Security Life Insurance Company markets a state-mandated short-term disability benefit product in New York State (“DBL”), New Jersey (“TDB”), and other states offering mandated short-term disability. All approved employers with one or more employees in New York State are required to provide DBL insurance for their employees.

The Disability Benefits Law provides benefits for disabilities due to non-occupational injury or illness. Statutory disability benefits are temporary cash payments for wage earners to replace, in part, wages lost due to injury or illness.

The DBL policy provides for:

1.  Payment of 50% of the average weekly wage to a maximum of $170 per week;
2.  Payment of benefits for a maximum of 26 weeks within a consecutive 52 week period; and
3.  Commencement of benefits on the eighth consecutive day of disability.

Policies covering fewer than 50 employees have fixed rates approved by the New York State Insurance Department. Policies covering 50 or more employees are individually underwritten. Standard Security Life not only offers a policy which provides this mandatory coverage, but also offers optional enriched coverages.

Standard Security Life has been one of the leading writers of DBL in New York State for over 25 years. It has also attained such success through the high level of service it provides to both its producers and policyholders. As a result of its success, Standard Security Life is able to market its DBL product with competitive rates as well as highly competitive commissions paid to its agents.