Our Services


LiDAC is a full service employee benefits brokerage & consulting firm. We specialize in the design, funding, communication, administration and overall management of group benefit programs for the mid-sized employer.

This focus allows us to thoroughly understand our clients’ business and objectives, thereby enabling us to develop innovative benefit programs to meet their specific needs. Please select the specific buttons below to understand more about the service we can provide your organization.

WCB State Compliance

LiDAC Insurance Brokerage is committed to ensuring that businesses not only receive comprehensive employee benefits but also remain in full compliance with Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) regulations in their respective states.

We understand the complexities and nuances of state-specific WCB requirements, and our expert team works diligently to navigate and simplify the compliance process for our clients. By partnering with LiDAC, businesses can trust that their employee benefits programs align seamlessly with state regulations, mitigating risks and ensuring a smooth and compliant experience.

Our dedication to WCB state compliance underscores our commitment to providing holistic and risk-averse insurance solutions, allowing businesses to focus on their operations with confidence, knowing they are adhering to all regulatory standards.

Benefit Analysis

Our business was founded on the integrity of our due diligence and our ability to provide the highest level of underwriting, marketing, administration and support services to our clients. Our analysis results in a complete working document, foundation or platform of benefits. Once this foundation is complete, we are able to build, design and implement the insurance needs of our clients.

Our analysis starts with the procurement of data. By assigning a dedicated account manager, our clients work with one point of contact to collect all necessary documentation. The result of our benefit analysis, which involves hours of consulting time, leaves us with a proprietary body of work. This body of work and our ability to speak to it, distinguishes LiDAC in the marketplace.

Benefit Plan Design

Program design is achieved by understanding and listening to the needs and wants of the client. Based on this information, we introduce an appropriate strategy of coverages, benefit levels and costs.

A plan of benefits is designed to meet current needs with special attention paid to eliminate duplicate coverage or gaps in coverages. The insurance marketplace is then “shopped” for the plan of benefits and funding alternatives that are needed to maximize your benefit dollars.

We review, analyze, and compare all the proposals received. A detailed feasibility study is prepared taking into consideration benefits, cost, current legislation, and your long-range plans as a company or an individual.

  • Assist in development of corporate benefits strategy
  • Consult on benefits including:
  • Group health, life and disability insurance including voluntary plans, payroll deduction coverage’s and retirement plans
  • Recommend and instate voluntary payroll deduction program

Market Survey

  • Analyze plan design, recommend changes to meet managements objectives
  • Present new benefit plans and concepts for consideration
  • Compare program competitiveness with other area employers plans
  • Develop an effective employee contribution strategy

Benefit Proposals

Just as quickly as you can generate a quote, you will be able to provide your client with a nice clean proposal. Our system allows the broker to email the client a clean and concise proposal that will highlight all the essential benefit and pricing information needed to make a decision.

Policy Implementation

LiDAC will enroll and communicate the new plan to your employees. Special attention will be given to any plan changes. We will make modifications in design to accommodate any potential problems, if appropriate. We want to achieve both employer and employee satisfaction. Administration materials are provided for the plan administrator in your company to make sure that he/she is comfortable with the program details.

Policy Management

  • Newsletters and other communication on topics of interest to employers
  • Assist in resolving claim disputes
  • Verify and process contracts and amendments
  • Assist with eligibility problems and contract interpretation
  • Review employer administrative procedures and make recommendations
  • Benefit Specialist accessible every day by toll free phone line

Broker Online Services

To support our commitment to service, LiDAC utilizes custom designed software to allow us to respond quickly with the most effective, efficient, and expedient platform for the needs of our brokers and their clients.

Database management is recognized as a key component to our success. LiDAC maintains an increasingly large volume of critical client and policy-level data that gives us a clear edge in interpreting, utilizing, and applying information with meaningful results. LiDAC system and data reliability is assured through fail-safe backup measures.

As LiDAC technology advances, enhancements and upgrades are made with an eye toward the future. LiDAC has also taken a role in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), allowing LiDAC to import and export large amounts of data accurately and quickly. LiDAC has built interface with selected participating insurance carriers to provide brokers with real-time information and response to inquiries.

Book of Business Analysis

We recognize the importance of a thorough Block of Business Analysis to inform strategic decision-making and optimize insurance portfolios. Our dedicated team employs advanced analytics and industry insights to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your insurance block. Through detailed analysis, we identify trends, assess risk exposure, and uncover opportunities for enhancement.

LiDAC is committed to providing our clients with a nuanced understanding of their insurance portfolios, enabling informed decisions that align with their business goals. Our Block of Business Analysis services empower businesses to maximize efficiency, minimize risk, and achieve sustainable growth in the dynamic landscape of the insurance industry.