LiDAC provides brokers with comprehensive services offering employee benefits and state mandated disability solutions. Our registered brokers are given access to a number of administrative and reporting tools, providing client and policy level data underwritten by our participating Insurance Carriers.

LiDAC technology offers our brokers with immediate access to select carriers to quote, propose, select plan design, and submit applications within real time for New York State Disability groups under 50 lives. All of this is completed in an accurate and paperless environment.

We provide our Broker Community and preferred Insurance Carriers the most efficient, effective, and expedient process for communication in working together. LiDAC also may facilitate the implementation, enrollment, and billing process to ensure a smooth implementation of a sold case.

Quoting offers registered brokers a unique approach with our NYS Disability process to access select carriers for comparison quotes based on plan design and rates for groups under 50 lives. Optional benefit riders may be offered through select carriers to expand your NYS Disability Benefits to include; In Hospital, Basic Life, and ADD coverage.


Through the LiDAC online broker portal, registered brokers may obtain a detailed proposal on behalf of their client with carrier benefit rate, and premium comparisons in real time. Brokers can choose to immediately provide their client with a nice clean proposal. Our system allows the broker to email a detailed proposal prepared by the broker agency that will highlight all the essential benefit and pricing information needed for a client decision.


LiDAC offers our brokers a number of solutions to complete the implementation process to onboard new clients. Through our contracted carrier and third party contracted partners LiDAC will manage implementation processes to ensure quality communication, support, and collateral necessary for your client.

HR Group Application

As soon as the employee is scheduled, the LiDAC team will generate and prepare the group application with an electronic email to the broker for review, signature, and return for processing with our proposed carrier. Our application along with a detailed profile of the selected products, limits, and plan design will be submitted to the carrier for processing.

Employee Enrollment

As soon as the employer signs the group application, the LiDAC team will coordinate employee enrollment through a secure online portal. Employees will have access to view their coverage options, plan design, and limits to make their selection based on the most comprehensive and competitive rates available underwritten through our proposed carrier based on the package proposed.

The LiDAC team will provide employees access to our call center representatives offering their insights and information in assisting employees with their questions and selection of benefits.

Employees can sign the electronic enrollment form instantly, and ensure a 100% paperless solution from end to end.

Broker Online Portal

LiDAC’s online broker portal provides full access 24/7 to critical client and policy level data on their existing book of business. Documents, reports, and assistance is available during business hours. Brokers can generate clean and exportable business reports instantly through our Broker Online Portal.