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We are pleased to announce that LiDAC Employee Benefit Solutions ( and ShelterPoint Life Insurance Company* (ShelterPoint Life) have signed a wholesale agreement for distribution of ShelterPoint Life’s products*. The agreement between the two organizations will include product, administrative, and technology services offered online through

Effective 01/01/2018, ShelterPoint Life will sponsor the following broker services through

  • Quote DBL / PFL products
  • Optional Coverages: In-hospital / AD&D riders for DBL
  • Generate Proposals
  • Bind coverage including policy numbers
  • Policy Contracts
  • Broker Book of Business Reports and Administration Services Online
  • Generate Certificates all online

ShelterPoint Life currently insures more than 150,000 employers for their DBL and TDB. Their DBL and TDB innovations have made them one of the leaders in state disability Industry in the tristate area.

Coupled with LiDAC’s end to end solution, the ShelterPoint Life DBL/PFL product offers another top carrier that you can choose to propose and or issue contracts for DBL/PFL coverage with, all online in minutes.