Metlife - LiDAC Insurance Carriers
MetLife, Inc. continues to hold a leadership position in the financial services industry. Today, Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (MetLife) has approximately $1.7 trillion of life insurance in force, serving approximately nine million individual households in the U.S.*

MetLife currently provides group insurance and retirement and savings products and services to approximately 64,000 corporations and other institutions, including 86 of the Fortune 100 largest companies.

MetLife’s institutional clients have approximately 33 million employees and members. MetLife also has international insurance operations in 10 countries. In the retirement arena, MetLife is helping over a million individuals realize their goal of achieving a financially secure retirement, as well as offering pension plans to small businesses, government entities, non-profit organizations, and corporations. In fact, MetLife provides pension plan services, investment services, and insurance products to 86 of the Fortune 100 companies.