Shelterpoint LiDAC Insurance Carrier
Since 1972, our founding entity has grown into New York’s largest carrier of statutory Short-Term Disability (called DBL, short for Disability Benefits Law), and has provided state-mandated Paid Family Leave (PFL, for short) since 2018. As a result, more than 184,000 NY employers with 1.9 million employees trust us to help them strike the right balance between compliance, coverage, and cost to complete their benefit equation:
  • Ranked #1 in New York in statutory short-term disability premiums
  • Ranked #1 nationwide in annual short-term disability sales volume
  • Ranked #1 nationwide in short-term disability cases in force
  • Ranked #6 nationwide by NAIC in short-term disability lives covered

Statutory Benefit Programs

While state-mandated Paid Family & Medical Leave, Paid Family Leave, and Short-Term Disability Laws reflect the same general concept, benefit amounts, durations, reasons for leave, etc., programs differ from state to state.

ShelterPoint Life* brings you thoughtful and efficient stand-alone private options for your state-mandated benefit needs. This includes guiding you on what administrative actions you need to complete for states requiring an exemption – we help make the switch to our private plans easy.